SUZUKI DRZ400E (all) & KAW KLX400 (all) FCR Carby

$195.00 inc GST

Suzuki DRZ400E/K (00-07)
Kawasaki KLX400 (00-05)

In stock (can be backordered)


This kit suits the Australian/NZ spec DRZ400E and KLX400. They come standard fitted with the Keihin FCR Carb.

Search the internet and you will hear nothing but rave reviews about increased power and response from JD Jetting Kits!

The James Dean custom jetting kit is designed to improve throttle response throughout the range by using specially made multi-taper needles. These are more highly developed and fine-tuned than stock jetting parts.

Developed and tested from sea level to 4000m elevation. Works great on both stock and modified bikes. You can?t buy this from any OEM factory, or get the same improvements with bolt on aftermarket parts.

JD Jetting kits are designed so that you don’t have to be an expert to get professional high performance results!!

Each two stroke kit typically includes:

– two, dyno developed and tested, multi-taper needles

– four main jets

– comprehensive detailed instructions with color photos

– a needle clip

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Make Model Year
KAWASAKI KLX400 2000 - 2022
SUZUKI DRZ400E 2000 - 2022